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Ask the Technician

  Question -  I need to have some routine maintenance work done on my car. Will I void  the warranty on my car if I have that work done somewhere other than the dealer?    Answer–  No.  Routine maintenance can be done at any reputable shop. The main thing you want to remember is to always have your owner’s manual stamped. That isn’t for the dealer’s sake, but for your own. You should always keep documentation of all work that has been done to your car. If and when you sell your car, you will want to have those records.    The only work that has to go back to the dealer for is warranty work. Warranty work has to be done by the dealer because after the repair the dealer will have to file a claim to be paid with the automotive manufacturer. 

The Key to a Long Lasting Car

What’s the key to a long lasting car? Why, of course it is routine maintenance. By keeping up with the regular service needed you are heading off a problem before it starts.  If maintained properly your car can last for 100,000, 200,00 and up to 300,000 miles. We actually have customers here that have cars between the 200,000 to the 300,000 mile mark. Good running cars too! The difference in a car that lasts a few years and a few hundred miles and a car that lasts many years and many, many miles is, MAINTENANCE. There is no way around it. It’s either pay now or pay later.    Let’s face it, next to your house, the largest purchase you will ever make is your car, so why wouldn’t you want it to last? Preventive maintenance is work that needs to be done. So you can either schedule it, in your own time and your own budget or wait for problems to happen unscheduled and out of budget.  What are these services?    Cooling System Flush ... read more

Having a electrical problem - we do that!

Did you know that your car’s electrical system has a mass of wiring that runs from the alternator to the battery, to the lights and horn, and so on and so on. Did you also know that when you have a electrical problem that most technicians can’t do that? Did you further know that even the most experienced technician will tell you it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack? Good thing for you though, this is Gary’s specialty.   Gary is ASE certified in every aspect of a car and in fact is a Master Technician, but electrical systems now that is his shining star. That is a really good thing for you too. Since this repair is not the easiest to find and as they say, “time is money” you wouldn’t want a technician spending all day looking for something on your dime, would you?    Electrical problems can range from very simple like a loose wire around a headlamp or bulb or much more serious like a problem with the wiring to the alte ... read more

Safe Driver Tips for a Rainy Day

Spring rains bring May flowers, but they also bring many pot holes too. Traveling in rainy weather brings its own challenges. Avoiding pot holes, avoiding people traveling too fast and then those who are standing still. Try some of these tips for rainy day travel:    Keep your speed down, especially when it first starts raining. The road is the most slickest right after it starts to rain, especially if we haven’t had in precipitation in awhile.    Always use your headlights. Although you might see the other person, they cannot see you, besides it’s the law.    Avoid large puddles. Splashing large puddles of water into your brake system is dangerous. This will cause you to pump your brakes to use them.    If you do happen to go through a large puddle, make sure you do pump your brakes to make sure they are working properly.    Avoid going through flowing streams of water. Did you know that even 6 inches of water has ... read more

What do all those different dash light's mean?

The lights installed on our dash are there to warn us and to advise us when something under the hood is awry. Their purpose is for alerting us before a minor problem becomes a major one. Some lights are cautionary to tell us to use caution and to handle the problem soon. These lights are yellow. Then there are the red lights. Red dash lights  mean something needs immediate attention. There are many different lights and symbols on the dash, but below are the major ones and their meaning.    ABS light - The ABS (anti-lock brake system) light—The ABS system works by making sure the brake system doesn’t lock up when braking. When this light comes on it means there is something wrong with the ABS system. This light is a yellow warning light, meaning use caution and get it checked out soon.    Air Bag Light - The air bag light is generally a warning that the air bag needs to be serviced.  .  Battery Light - The battery light is a warning th ... read more

How to save on car costs

New year, same old problems, escalating costs on everything from groceries to clothes and more. I’m guessing, that all of us are in the same boat. The let’s save money any way we can. There’s nothing wrong with that, but when it comes to your car you have to be smart too. Since your car is your transportation to work as well as to play. So, how do you save money and keep your car maintained and running at the same time? There are some really smart things to do that won’t cost you a lot of money. Check out our money saving tips below:    Don’t ride with your foot on the brakes. It’s dangerous and it will wear your brakes out prematurely.  Don’t speed. The faster you are going the more gas you will burn up in the process.    Keep track of your tire pressure. The correct tire pressure will keep you car handling better, with less chance of a tire blowout.    Don’t drive your car when the alignment is ... read more

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