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Safe Driver Tips for a Rainy Day

Spring rains bring May flowers, but they also bring many pot holes too. Traveling in rainy weather brings its own challenges. Avoiding pot holes, avoiding people traveling too fast and then those who are standing still. Try some of these tips for rainy day travel: 
Keep your speed down, especially when it first starts raining. The road is the most slickest right after it starts to rain, especially if we haven’t had in precipitation in awhile. 
Always use your headlights. Although you might see the other person, they cannot see you, besides it’s the law. 
Avoid large puddles. Splashing large puddles of water into your brake system is dangerous. This will cause you to pump your brakes to use them. 
If you do happen to go through a large puddle, make sure you do pump your brakes to make sure they are working properly. 
Avoid going through flowing streams of water. Did you know that even 6 inches of water has the ability to carry away a small vehicle? 
Keep extra distance between you and the other driver. Allow extra time for braking in less than perfect conditions. 
Keep good tires on your vehicle. Bald tires are hazardous on regular roads, much less on rain slick ones. 
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