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How to save on car costs

New year, same old problems, escalating costs on everything from groceries to clothes and more. I’m guessing, that all of us are in the same boat. The let’s save money any way we can. There’s nothing wrong with that, but when it comes to your car you have to be smart too. Since your car is your transportation to work as well as to play. So, how do you save money and keep your car maintained and running at the same time? There are some really smart things to do that won’t cost you a lot of money. Check out our money saving tips below: 
Don’t ride with your foot on the brakes. It’s dangerous and it will wear your brakes out prematurely. 
Don’t speed. The faster you are going the more gas you will burn up in the process. 
Keep track of your tire pressure. The correct tire pressure will keep you car handling better, with less chance of a tire blowout. 
Don’t drive your car when the alignment is off. This will cause uneven tire wear which will cause you to replace your tires sooner than expected. 
Use regular gas when possible. In most case it is fine. Unless your car specifically calls for premium, regular gas will work just fine. 
Keep your car tuned. A car that is burning efficiently on all cylinders will run better and burn less gas. 
Change your air filter every 3 or so oil changes. A clean filter will allow air to flow to the engine better making the engine run more efficiently. 
Have your brakes checked if you suspect a problem. It’s always better to replace pads in a timely matter. Wait too long and you will have to replace the rotors too. That wait will cost you twice as much as replacing brakes alone. 
Rotate tires every other oil change. This will keep the tires wearing evenly all the way around. 
Keep up with those oil changes. They are a cheap way for a technician to do a spot check underneath.
Chances are the technician can spot a problem before it becomes a major headache. 
Make sure to regularly check  your coolant. If you run completely out it could cost you an engine. 
Keep track of what your owner’s manual suggests as far as maintenance is concerned. Usually the manual will recommend services at different intervals for the purpose of maintaining your car properly. 
I hope this article helps you. In the end, the best way to save on car costs, especially as far as repairs are concerned,  is to avoid major problems before they occur. You can do this first of all by doing little things like eyeballing your tires, checking your fluids, etc. 
But you also should keep up with maintenance, as it really is key. Regular maintenance will head off most major repairs. Doing those little maintenances here and there will keep your car systems working properly.
When a car is manufactured it is with the intention that the parts are to be maintained over the life of the car. It really is your choice of course, either maintain it now or repair it latter. Usually the latter will cost you much more money. 
Regular maintenance will keep your car running well with a lower cost for repairs. Other than the major 90,000  mile service, which is very expensive, because the timing belt and all the drive belts, as well as the water pump are replaced. The other services are minor. Maintain it now or pay latter it’s your choice.      
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