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The Key to a Long Lasting Car

What’s the key to a long lasting car? Why, of course it is routine maintenance. By keeping up with the regular service needed you are heading off a problem before it starts.  If maintained properly your car can last for 100,000, 200,00 and up to 300,000 miles. We actually have customers here that have cars between the 200,000 to the 300,000 mile mark. Good running cars too! The difference in a car that lasts a few years and a few hundred miles and a car that lasts many years and many, many miles is, MAINTENANCE. There is no way around it. It’s either pay now or pay later. 
Let’s face it, next to your house, the largest purchase you will ever make is your car, so why wouldn’t you want it to last? Preventive maintenance is work that needs to be done. So you can either schedule it, in your own time and your own budget or wait for problems to happen unscheduled and out of budget. 
What are these services? 
Cooling System Flush - Every other year. Flushes out old antifreeze and installing new. 
Oil Change and Lube - Every 3,000 miles. Oil and filter changed and lube. The best bang for your buck. Your car is checked over by a technician for a relatively small amount of money. 
Transmission Service - Due usually every other year. Means taking out all old fluid and installing new. 
Tune Up - Every other year. Includes replacing spark plugs and checking the electrical system. 
Those are the major services. The only other major one is the timing belt. This is a big service because you replace the timing belt, all drive belts and the water pump and all this is done, on most cars at 90,000 miles. You won’t have to do it again until another 90,000 miles. All the other repairs you might incur are done as needed, such as  brakes, alignments, tires, etc. So it really is your choice, take care of your car up front or take your chances latter. 
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